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Their mother was the Angel of Protection. Their father was a soldier of the Underground. No one ever thought a demon could love an angel, but when their parents met, it was love at first sight. They fought their attraction until it was too much to take. When God, and the Devil himself, found out about the pregnancy, they fled to protect themselves and their unborn child. But when the pain of labor was over, instead of one baby, there were two; hybrid twins.

Cyrus and Joey are fraternal twins and the product of this forbidden love between ultimate good, and ultimate evil. When their parents are slain immediately following their birth, the twins are given refuge inside of a convent by a kind, but no-nonsense, priest with a penchant for slaying demons. The priest trained the twins from a young age to kill off an entire race that they themselves descend from.

Now, nineteen years later, Cy and Joey leave the convent for the first time to investigate a series of rapes and murder happening at a college campus hours from the only place they’ve ever known or called home. Trying to navigate in this new world of school, parties, and the allure of the opposite sex, the twins quickly learn that being human isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As they struggle with the feelings that come with falling in love, they both fight a battle from deep within. Will their love be enough? Will their own personal vendettas pull them in the wrong direction? But the question that plagues them most – are they good, or evil?


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Shelly is an Iowan girl. She now resides in the town she was born and raised in. Having three children, it’s hard for her to have any down time, but when she finds it, you can find her holed up somewhere reading her next steamy book in a long list of books in her virtual library or writing her next story.

She is the author of the Forsaken Sinners MC series, with her first book being released in February of 2015. Even though this is an MC series, she has plenty more ideas, so look out for more than just biker novels from her in the future.

Shelly became fast friends with Geri before she even released her first book, but through their friendship they both decided to delve into the jar of Paranormal. It’s been a lot of work, but such a ride so far, she’s actually sad to see it end. But she knows that with the end of this book, it’s not the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning. She hopes you enjoy it as much as she and Geri enjoyed writing it.


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Geri is a Canadian girl, born and raised. She’s a military wife, mother of two and devourer of words. She can often be found reading a good book, magazine or any shampoo bottle within reach.

She is the author of the Kings of Korruption MC series, with her first book being released in August of 2015. A sucker for any type of alpha male, Geri refuses to be tied to one genre.

Writing this book with Shelly has been a welcome challenge and a ton of fun. She hopes you love Cyrus and Joey as much as she and Shelly do!

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Tank’s Pearl by GM Scherbert


My husband committed suicide two years ago. Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn’t get worse. Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him. Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together. 
The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her. What I was not ready for, was her fighting against this attraction we have. I want her, I don’t care that she has kids, or that she doesn’t know shit about the type of life I have. She thinks that the fact that she’s ten years older than me is an issue… its not. But the biggest thing she’s mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing between us is just a casual thing. She will be mine and there is almost nothing that could happen to come between us. 
Or is there? 

This is part one in the Devil Iron MC series. 
WARNING: contains explicit situations and graphic violence.

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Ryker Kings of Korruption MC #1


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Ryker is book #1 in the Kings of Korruption MC series and can be read as a standalone! 

Charlotte’s on the run from a bad bunch of bikers and looking for a fresh start. A tragic childhood has taught Ryker that commitment, in his world, is never a good idea. When Charlotte meets Ryker, she knows she should stay far away but when her past comes knocking, Ryker will risk his club and his life to save the one woman he may want, but can never have.

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Pearl’s Blaze by GM Scherbert


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They almost took her away from me. When I find them they will pay and be put to ground. I will let her heal, but I will not live without her for much longer. She will be mine and there will not be a day that she questions who she belongs to.


I don’t know how I will do this alone, again. My body, heart, mind, and soul are broken and I just need to feel something, anything. I have to find a way to get what I want, no need before I go insane with this pain.


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Author GM Scherbert was born on a brisk late April morning. She grew up in a small town in the Midwest but, quickly decided that was not the life for her. She quickly moved away for college and thought better of returning to that small town on a long term basis. City living is the life for her.

Her day job working with people on the Autism spectrum keeps her on the go most of the time. That is when her two small daughters and husband are not pulling her in different direction.

Author GM Scherbert is the kind of gal who is quirky, unique, smutty, hard to hate, harder to love. She has taken her love for telling stories to the next level by putting her hat in the romance writing game. If you are interested in romance with twists and some darker themes Author GM Scherbert will be right up your alley.


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Rewriting Destiny by Shelly Morgan


Author: Shelly Morgan
Series: Forsaken Sinners MC, #1
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: February 16, 2016
SYNOPSIS: When life gives you lemons, it’s time for shots of tequila.

That’s my new saying in life, and trust me, life has handed me lots of lemons.

My name is Danielle DeChenne, and for eighteen years I took every punch “destiny” threw at me. Now I’m no longer a naive girl. Traumatic abuse will do that to you. I was forced to grow up too fast, and the one person I depended on—that gorgeous Marine, Zane—turned his back on me. So now I say screw the lemonade and just give me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, because I don’t believe in destiny anymore.

There is no pre-destined path set out for each of us. That crap doesn’t exist.

Sometimes bad things happen…it’s just how the world works. It sucks, but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your life. Even if it’s an impossible task.

I’m done sitting around and waiting for my life to change or something good to fall in my lap. It took me awhile to understand, but once I stopped being the doormat for destiny, it was time for me to take control. Now I decide where I go in life and what will happen. It won’t always be pretty, it will sometimes hurt like hell, but I will make sure I live my life to the fullest…

Then the gorgeous Marine from my past returned with a vengeance—except this time, I was ready for him.

It’s time to rewrite destiny.

Mercy Denied by Jacqueline Sinclair


•.¸(♥)¸.•  Steele Standing Series  •.¸(♥)¸.•
                Mercy Denied: Trinity
               Available for Preorder!


She and her friend set me up.  Then they sent those pictures to my wife.  Little did they know that she’d already left me and that I was devastated and ready to self-destruct.  Because of her, I lost everything I ever wanted … the only hope I had.  Now I will risk everything I have left to destroy her.  It doesn’t matter why she did it, that she was hurting, or even that she was drunk. It doesn’t matter that she looks at me like she sees into my soul. Does it?


Melanie was the one that’d sent those pictures to his wife, but it was me who’d told her to get her camera ready.  I’d been angry at my ex-fiance and took it out on Merrick, wanting to expose him for the cheater I thought he was.  I never dreamed it would go this far – that he would vow to destroy me. I’d take it all back if I could, but the damage is done.  My mother’s life’s work is at his mercy and he’s determined to make me feel the loss that I caused him.  Still, the way he looks at me I have to ask myself, did my poor choices wake the monster…or the man?

Available February 27, 2016
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Don’t miss the full length introduction to the Steele Standing series, Renegade, on sale for .99 until release day!
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Jase, Kings of Korruption MC #3



Jase is book 3 in the Kings of Korruption MC series and can be read as a standalone!  Releasing April 15th, 2016!

Ellen’s worked hard for what she has – a cute house, a great job and a son she loves to pieces. When she meets Jase, she knows he’s a player and she’s not looking to be played. Jase is a player and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He’s a biker that likes to live free and have fun. If only he could convince Ellen to loosen up. She doesn’t know it yet, but his brand of playing is just what Ellen needs.

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